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      Zahra Peeran is a registered dental Hygienst, a certified Orofacial Myologist™️and a certified Buteyko breathing educator. She has had extensive training by leading professionals in the fields of Myofunctional therapy, airway, posture, functional rehabilitation after tongue and lip releases, the ALF appliance, TMJ disorders and more. She is committed to ongoing continuing education and stays current with latest research and treatment protocols. Zahra has a passion for holistic health and really cares about helping patients understand the connection between breathing, stress and nutrition to overall health.

      Myofunctional Therapy is all about teaching a patient to breathe, chew and swallow correctly through a series of exercises. Simple as it sounds, it has a profound effect on dental and general health. It stabilizes dental, orthodontic and surgical results. The goal of Myofunctional Therapy is to treat Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders.

      I have worked with Zahra in a professional capacity for over eight years and can attest to her genuine caring for her patients, her exceptional communication style and her ongoing clinical skill advancement. Zahra is truly passionate about the Buteyko breathing method and I have watched her improve patients’ chronic conditions of breathing difficulties after other traditional methods had failed. When Zahra approached me about introducing the Buteyko protocol on a wider scale in our practice, I decided to personally undergo the program with her to validate the clinical efficacy  of this treatment protocol. Under Zahra’s supervision, I have undergone a 6 week protocol involving the Buteyko breathing technique and can attest to significant improvement in my sleep quality and energy levels throughout the day. As Zahra has expanded her work with other patients suffering from chronic conditions, I have witnessed significant positive results. I believe Zahra’s dedication and exceptional clinical skill can be extremely beneficial for patients who wish to explore the Buteyko breathing method as part of myofunctional therapy.

      Jeffrey Schecter


      I worked with Ms. Zahra Pehran for 6 weeks on a regimen utilizing the Buteyko breathing protocol.  During the course of the program, I was able to substantially improve my breathing capacity to the point of eliminating morning headaches and TMJ pain and had appreciably more energy throughout the day.  The improved breathing capacity did wonders for my long-range hiking and jogging, and took my yoga practice to a whole new level.  As far as working with Zahra, I can attest to her genuine passion and dedication to the improvement of every patient’s well-being.  She is a wealth of information on the subjects of sleep apnea, breathing problems, headaches and TMJ.  She is very thorough, extremely knowledgeable and fully dedicated to the positive outcome for her patients.  She was a blessing in my life and since successfully completing my treatment with her, I have referred my family and friends hoping they would benefit from her undeniable expertise.

      Galina Shapiro

      Healthcare Consultant

      I love my Myofunctional therapist Zahra Peeran! She is the most patient professional I know. I have been a patient of hers for over a year and both my family and I have noticed a significant change over the last year.After reading the recent research showing Myofuctional Therapy may reduce the symptoms of sleep disordered breathing and obstructive sleep apnea I became curious to see if it would work for me. I had been snoring for a number of years and I believe it was affecting my overall health and sleep pattern. Along with the disruption of my wife’s sleep, I was having difficulty sleeping throughout the night and was waking up constantly tired. I remained tired throughout the day. Presently, I sleep very well and my snoring has reduced more than 50%. I am waking up fresh and ready for the new day.  In addition, I now have energy throughout the day and no longer  feel fatigued by the end of my day. It’s been a remarkable journey. I would have never believed that this was possible if I were not the patient myself. I believe that her therapy will add years to my life by simply adding amazing hours to my sleep. Along the way, other benefits have included the better breathing and better overall health. Relaxation techniques have also added tremendous long term health benefits. I would recommend Zahra to anyone who is in search of a Myofunctional therapist!

      Rennie Cheung

      DMD, MD

      I have been blown away by the changes in my daughter so far.  Before, she would struggle with the answers for simple multiplication problems.  And just yesterday, I was asking her some multiplication problems and she just said the answer so fast, almost without thinking.  It was amazing!!!
      Another thing was before when she drew in coloring books, she could never stay within the lines.  It was always messy.  And today she did a coloring page and it was perfect – she stayed within the lines….first time ever!!!!  I can’t believe it!!!

      Wow, this was the best gift ever to experience these changes in her.  I am so excited to see if anything else changes.  Thank you Zahra for sticking with us, I believe great things are happening.

      Happy Holidays!



      What is the disorder? 

      A myofunctional disorder is a problem related to the improper use of the muscles of the face, tongue, and mouth and has a negative impact on breathing, chewing, swallowing, speech, the bite and the jaw joints. It can manifest as:

      • Mouth Breathing
      • Clenching
      • Grinding
      • Snoring
      • Sleep Apnea
      • Tongue Thrust
      • TMJ Pain
      • An Open Bite
      • Lisps
      • Poor Digestion
      • Chronic Nasal
      • Sinus Infections


      Scientific evidence to its effectiveness is growing worldwide. 



      How does the therapy work?

      Through simple actions and exercises, the therapy seeks to:

      • Teach correct tongue position
      • Improve lip seal
      • To eliminate habits such as thumb, finger, and/or pacifier sucking
      • Teach proper chewing and swallowing
      • Re-pattern facial and tongue muscles to work in balance
      • Teach nasal breathing







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